MPEI wins ''Internationalization of Higher Education'' award


MPEI is an award winner of the nomination ''Universities of Russia and CIS in the foreign media'' in the annual contest  of the projects for development of the higher education and international activity of the Universities of Russia and CIS – ''Internationalization of Higher Education'' award.

The nominees for the award are Universities who are involved in the achievements in the domain of international collaboration and internationalization of the higher education. The goal of the contest is to draw attention of the professional community and establishment towards the annual contribution of the universities to the development of the national higher education, as well as formation of the state reputation on the international market of educational services and the development of the universities themselves.

This year, the Jury has been choosing the winners in 11 nominations. The project for MPEI, who has become a winner in the nomination ''Universities of Russia and CIS in the foreign media'', was prepared by the International administration of MPEI.

Several international projects carried out with the help of MPEI, such as the Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities, Olympiad ''Time to study in Russia'', Russian-Vietnamese Summer School, German Ingeneering Faculty of TU llnmenau, SPITSE, Association of International Departments of Universities (AID) have been well-lightened by foreign media, that gave MPEI an opportunity to be the best in the nomination.

The following criteria were crucial while grading and giving expert conclusions by the Jury: actuality and scale of the project for the Univerisity, corresponding between the goal and the result, rational use of the resources, creativity and originality.

The ''Internationalization of Higher Education'' contest gives its laureates new opportunities for positioning and promotion of the educational services on the international market.​

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