MPEI's first Leonhard Euler Grant


The Leonhard Euler Grant is named after the great mathematician, who spent half his life in Russia, made a great contribution to the development of Russian science and was a member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences. He retained the membership during his following 20-year-long work in Berlin.
Leonhard Euler Grant has been awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) since 1997 to support teams of professors, young scientists and students. At present, DAAD gives financial support to engineers, lawyers and economists. This year more than 2600 students and 600 scientific advisors received DAAD scholarship.

Every year the Leonhard Euler program supports around 70 joint projects that involve up to ten persons, among them 2 scientific advisors (from Germany and from Russia), students, postgraduates and young scientists.

The goal of staying in Germany in the framework of the Grant is to find and read the modern literature in different languages, conduct experiments, exchange the opinions with German colleagues, discuss the obtained results of the science work before finishing to formulate the thesis.

The contest for the Grant takes time annually until the 15th of February. The laureates start working in September, same year.

This year, joint application of the Power Electrical Systems Department, MPEI, and the Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, has been confirmed by DAAD.

Congratulations to the winners!​​

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