Why Do Foreign Students Choose to Study at MPEI


In December MPEI International Administration held an opinion poll among MPEI international students - winners of Academic Competitions and contests that gave them the opportunity to study in Russia. The opinion poll involved over 100 students from different countries: Vietnam, China, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Angola, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Belarus, Cameroon, Congo, etc.

According to the opinion poll, more than half of foreign students had advance knowledge about the opportunity to enter the University on the basis of Academic Competitions and other contests. As a result of victories in Academic Competitions, contests and various preliminaries, foreign students entered MPEI and they obtained variety of advantages. Students consider the possibility of living in a dormitory (34%), a scholarship (31%) and a free language program (16%) as the prime advantages.
The prime advantages of MPEI for foreign students

Students will learn about the opportunity to enter MPEI on attractive terms from the following main information sources: national government programs - 29%, mass media - 24%, recommendations of family, friends and casual friends - 21%, information from Rossotrudnichestvo - 20%.
Information sources about MPEI for foreign students

As a determinative factor in deciding to study at MPEI, students indicated: prospects for development and employment - 28%, good social benefits - 21%, the prestige of the University - 23%, and tolerant attitude towards foreign students - 17%.
Factors affecting the choice to study at MPEI

The results of the analysis of the performance of foreign students at MPEI show that most students cope with the curriculum, and there are also straight A level students - about 5%. While training at the university, half of MPEI foreign students take part in the scientific activities of the departments, a third of foreign students regularly participate in Academic Competitions and contests. In the context of study and scientific research, MPEI foreign students receive the following social benefits from the University: scholarships (regular) - 55%, enhanced stipends - 20%, additional payments for extracurricular activities - 10%, additional payments for scientific activity - 4 %.

82% of students are satisfied with their studies at MPEI with their chosen degree.

When students were asked what is the most difficult in the learning process, they noted 3 main difficulties: adaptation to the requirements of the learning process - 27%, adaptation to new sociocultural conditions and life - 14%, difficulties in communication with professors - 12%. Moreover, according to the opinion poll, the majority of foreign students do not find these difficult.
Difficulties in the learning process for foreign students

It is noteworthy that the majority of foreign students, namely 65%, plan to continue their studies at MPEI after receiving a bachelor's degree. When asked about students' plans to stay in Russia after graduation for permanent residence, 59% of students answered in the affirmative.
Reasons for foreign students to stay in Russia after graduating from MPEI

Regarding the reasons why foreign students plan to stay in Russia, it was noted that 34% see prospects for further professional growth in Russia, 16% are used to live in Russia since it has become their adopted country, 16% note more stable economic circumstances and 6% settled down for life or acquired friends in Russia.​​

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