MPEI joined initiative of World Energy Council “Hydrogen 100”


"Hydrogen 100" is an initiative of World Energy Council (WEC) that was created to collect 100 signatures for creation of the demand for the low-carbon hydrogen in addition to Electric Power Industry program. It can be another answer to the rigid climatic policy and increasing pressure of the decarbonization goals.

WEC launches this initiative in the framework of the mission to promote the ecologically pure production and consumption of energy for the sake of Humanity. The hydrogen had burst into the focus of WEC due to the expert poll that was conducted to create the Issues Monitor of Power Industry.

The annual poll casted the light on the growing interest to both production and consumption of hydrogen in power industry.

All over the world, the initiative is backed by leading universities, governments, corporations and investors that work on the necessary conditions for the development of the low-carbon hydrogen industry.

By participating in the initiative of Hydrogen 100, MPEI is going to share the data about the scientific research, educational and innovative activity of the University, aimed at the development and popularization of the environmentally safe power with zero noxious exhausts.

WEC is an international independent non-governmental energy organization representing the interests of the fuel and energy sector of the member countries. WEC is an energy body accredited by the United Nations covering all kinds of energy and energy resources that brings together participants from finance and investment establishments, experts responsible for generation, distribution and supply of energy, as well as consumers. The fuel and energy industry associations the Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council (RNC WEC)is an independent non-profit organization with the goal to unite and unite on its platform leaders of the Russian energy sector, experts from governmental bodies, scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations in the field of reliable energy saving, ensure dialogue of the wide range of players of the energy sector, represent the interests of Russian energy companies at the national and international levels, promote the expansion of their competencies and involvement in global energy integration.

MPEI has been incorporated in RNC WEC since 2018.

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