Advisory workshop on international programs for ETALON students


The International administration of MPEI held consultations in English upon international programs for students of IEPE, ITNPE and IITCS, that study in the ETALON group.

ETALON is a complex system of the elite engineering personnel training that includes individual plan of continuous education in the “Bachelor-Master” form that implies mastering up-to-date program solutions for designing power industry equipment and systems. It also grants students the experience of research in relevant fields.

Igor Zhelbakov, professor of Department of Diagnostic Information Technologies, Head of the Center of International Educational Programs of MPEI, and Elena Gulicheva, Head of Department of International Relations, presented the features of international mobility programs and basic conditions of contests for receiving scholarship.

Students obtained an open description of long-term, medium-term and short-term international programs.

In course of the workshop, the questionnaire was filled in by the ETALON students.

According to the poll, 95% of students are willing to take part in the international academic mobility programs.

The majority of the students are thinking that the experience of participation in the international academic mobility programs could help them to achieve professional goals in the future and would give a positive impact to their careers.

In general most of the students are ready to study the foreign language intensely during all the period of education.

For the information on annual educational programs with MPEI regular partners abroad there is a special site.

Periodical announcements about the opening contests could be found on MPEI portal online.

To maintain the motivation to participate in mobility programs there is a section on the MPEI website that gives the reports of international students on the international programs and on experience that they received.

Basing on the work experience with MPEI students the section of FAQ on the MPEI web portal has been created.

Any volunteer can register on the portal through the special form to receive answers to his questions and the current contest information by e-mail.​

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