Vietnam and Russia scientists claim victory over COVID-19


The Vietnamese Internet edition “Sputnik” has published an article about the research of Nguyen Quoc Shi, professor of the Department of General Physics and Nuclear Fusion of MPEI. The main topic of the article was investigation of cold plasma.

Facing the COVID-19, people need to confront the infections from the outer medium. Molecules of coronavirus tend to stay in the air and on different surfaces for a long time.

Nowadays alcohol-containing and antiseptic liquids are the main types of disinfectant means that contribute to elimination of pathogen microorganisms. However, these substances have some disadvantages, such as a strong smell that affects the health.
Khử trùng bằng tia cực tím tại tàu điện ngầm Moskva, Nga
Sputnik / Sergey Mamontov. Ultraviolet disinfection in the Moscow subway, Russia

Scientists from different countries develop new technologies of sterilization. Team of Russian scientists from Skolkovo has created a device for water treatment with the technology of cold plasma and turned it into a weapon that is annihilating microorganisms: fungus, bacteria and viruses. Proteins are destroyed in the treated liquid and after evaporation the surface is completely pure.

Pathogens are destroyed after the contact with the treated liquid called Magnaril that contains active forms of oxygen and hypochlorous acid. Magnaril can be used to clean the medical masks and different surfaces and to be vaporized in air. Unlike spirits and bleachers it is completely safe for human and has no smell. The creators of Magnaril supposed that it can destroy the coronavirus stain that caused the COVID-19 outbreak.

The information of the patent of the Russian scientists received special attention at Hanoi Technology Institute VinIT. Professor of MPEI Nguyen Quoc Shi, labeled by some state honors, being a Head of Hanoi Technology Institute, has contributed to new scientific and technological achievements in different domains, including power engineering, preservation of historical legacy (for example, the Michon temple complex in Quang Nam province), utilization of waste and, the last but not the least, medicine, that is especially important facing the pandemic threat.

The president of the VINIT Institute, professor Nguyen Quoc Shi, told Sputnik that in the past three months the Institute has been actively studying ways to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus and has achieved some important results.

 “We use the cold plasma as well”, said professor Nguyen Quoc Shi. “But unlike our Skolkovo colleagues, we use the cold plasma to create an ionizing air stream that is pulverized in the air and treats surfaces and people. The disinfection method of ours is the same as of Skolkovo scientists, affordable and effective against the virus.”

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