MPEI Erasmus+ candidates have managed to give online application to grant


On April 17, the National Agency of Spain and coordinators of Spanish Universities finished the process of receiving applications for EU Erasmus+ grant to study at Spanish Universities in 2020/2021 academic year.

Due to unprecedented measures and self-isolation status caused by pandemic, the process of application paperwork has not been so simple and made the coordinators and students take the non-standard decisions. Massive support to the applicants was given by the directors of the MPEI Institutes, who helped to conduct the conversation with the representatives of the admission committee in Spain about the optimized form of applications accepted in the framework of distant cooperation.
Not all the applicants who expressed their desire to participate in the contest managed to reach the final step of the application process.

The most endurant were: Ekaterina Sysoeva (postgraduate student, EEI), Azamat Zyatdinov (Master student, ITCS), Elizaveta Petrichenko and Tatyana Timofeeva (Bachelor students, IPMM).

Now a hard selection guided by the Spanish Universities commission is awaiting for our candidates and their rivals from the students and postgraduates from other Russian Erasmus+ partners.

Currently the discussion with the Autonomous University of Madrid in the field of IT and Autonomous University of Barcelona in the field of Engineering about the extension of participants in the Academic Mobility programs is held.

Wishing all the best for our students in passing the selection!

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