MPEI student has won a competitive selection for the Erasmus+ grant


The results of the competitive selection for participants in the EU Erasmus + 2020 Program, which was carried out by the National Agency of Spain and the coordinators of Spanish universities, are finally announced. Despite the difficulties of preparing the documents in the lockdown and self-isolation ​period, the competition received 17 applications from pretenders of 5 Russian Universities (MPEI, MSU, HSE, JFU, RSUH).
According to the announced results, the top-4 students have become the laureates, with the 3rd place taken by the student of MPEI Master course at the Institute of Information Technologies and Computer Science Azamat Zyatdinov.

After the end of the pandemic and relaunch of the regular realization of the programs of Academic mobility the Eramsus+ laureate will be able to use the grant for one-semester study at the Carlos III University of Madrid.

Wishing our students a successful study!

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