The 55th anniversary of cooperation between MPEI and the Republic of Cuba


This year has been the 55th since the preparation of specialists for the Republic of Cuba at MPEI began. During the period from 1965 to 1992 more than 400 students, postgraduates and interns were studying at our University. In 2017 the program of internships carried out together with Cuban specialists at the MPEI departments was restarted and in 2019 MPEI welcomed Cuban students again.

In 2020, the collaboration between MPEI and Cuba received a new boost after the visit of the MPEI executive officers to several organizations and universities of the country.

Now a large-scale program of Power Industry reform is being carried out in Cuba.

The developed Power Industry program of Cuba is aimed to achievement in five years of the following goals: the maintenance of readiness of TPP units, meaning the installment of 4 units of 200 MW each, modernisation of 10 existing units of 100 MW each and implementation of 3 stations of combined cycle of 560 MW each; the extension of renewable energy sources usage, including the operation of solar power plants of 1500 MW total capacity, 13 wind power plants of 763 MW total capacity, energy storage batteries of 250 MW, construction of a pumped storage power plant with a capacity of 200 MW, building of 2 hydro power plants of 20 and 23 MW, creation of the biofuel power plant of 612 MW; improvement of power efficiency and rational usage of power, i.e. usage of smart lighting, solar collectors, biofuel, heat pumps etc., environmental protection, development of mutual projects with universities in RES and power efficiency; contribution to the national industry growth. Based on this, the issue of augmentation of specialist training for Cuba at MPEI is considered.

The extension of cooperation has demanded a better work for creation of the Spanish content on the MPEI website.

This work received a deep positive impact by the intern of MPEI from Cuba, Maria Gomes Odalis. MPEI expresses deep recognition of her help along with awarding her certificate of gratitude.​​​

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