New joint educational programs with China


On 21 June, 2020, the first working meeting of administration members of MPEI and Henan University of Science and Technology was held.

The meeting was organized with participation of the Eurasia corporation that contributes to the development of the Russian-Chinese cooperation.

Under the guidance of MPEI Vice-Rector Alexander Tarasov and HUST Vice-Rector Sun Qixin the presentation of two Universities and HUST Institutes involved in the mutual education programs. At present, Agreement between MPEI and HUST has been prepared and signed, concerning 4 Bachelor programs: "Information and Computer Science", "Electrical Engineering and Automated Systems", "Formation of Materials and Control Technics" and "Biomedical Engineering", as well as the Master program "Electrical Engineering and Technics".

For realization of mutual study programs in China the Polytechnic Institute of HUST and MPEI is being created, acting in accordance with the signed Agreement.

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