MPEI wins award of Open Russian-German Contest "Russia and Germany: Scientific and Educational bridges"


In June 2020 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Germany held an Open Russian-German Contest "Russia and Germany: Scientific and Educational bridges" within the framework of Russian-German year of science and education partnership 2018-2020 within the support of Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia and the year’s coordinators - National University of Science and Technology MISiS, German Academic Exchange Service, and German  Center for Research and Innovation Moscow. MPEI has won the award in the nomination "Collaboration in the domain of science and education" for the project "MPEI-TU Ilmenau Double-Degree program".

The main goal of the Contest is to popularize, strengthen and develop the ties of partnership between the representatives of science and education communities of Russia and Germany. Overall, there were 120 projects participating in the Contest, among which 25 winners were chosen.

The full list of winners can be found on the portal "Cross Year".10

The awarding ceremony was carried out in hybrid form on 15 September on the MISIS base. The broadcast link is here.

Russian award diplomas signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov and the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Heiko Maas, were presented to the winners of the competition by the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Cultural Cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoy and Plenipotentiary Minister and Permanent Deputy Ambassador of the German Embassy Beate Grzeski.

Joint project of MPEI and TU Ilmenau has shown the intense and fruitful cooperation of Russian and German Collectives and has reflected the positives of the dialogue between science and education communities of Russia and Germany .

The Double-Degree program has been implemented by MPEI in cooperation with the Ilmenau Technical University since 1998. The aim of the Program is to train specialists who speak fluent colloquial and technical German, in the field of computer science and electrical engineering. The demand of such specialists from the part of German and Russian-German companies sufficiently exceeds the supply. The program has financial support from the German side that covers the internships of MPEI students in Germany and sends German porfessors to MPEI to conduct the courses for students taking part in the joint program.

Since 1998 more than 700 students out of 1500 participants in the program were trained in Germany for three weeks, 350 - for several months, 180 students underwent the internship, passed exams in special disciplines, carried out and defended the Diploma projects in German, 160 students of MPEI received the supplementary Diploma of TU Ilmenau Master course.

Apart from receiving a double diplomas, students obtain experience of living in another country, studying in a European University, as well as practicing or working in the research centres and companies, that is fruitful for a young person to grow personally and professionally. Another benefit is raising the skills of a foreign language, like German or English.

Further information about the Double-Degree program of MPEI - TU Ilmenau could be found here.​

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