Events of Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities 2020


Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities established by the decision of 14 and 15 sessions of Intergovernmental Kyrgyz-Russian commission of trade-economical, science-technical and humanities’ cooperation, created upon the MPEI concept, continues its work and stays attractive for other universities to participate. At present, Consortium includes thirty Russian and eight Kyrgyz universities that develop bilateral educational programs. Four more universities entered the Consortium during the last common session.

In 2020 traditional autumn events of the RKCTU had to be carried out in distant format and gathered the Head of the Department of the cooperation in the domain of the Higher and Supplementary education of Rossotrudnichestvo Igor Polyachenko and the employees of Russian center of Science and Culture in Bishkek. The foreword was spoken by the Rector of Kyrgyz State Technical University named Iskhak Razzakov Murataly Dzhamanbayev and the Rector of the National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” Nikolay Rogalev.

The traditional VI International Network Science-Technical Conference “Integrational Processes in the science, technical and educational space” was organized in spring 2020, and was carried out through distant technologies, bringing together scientists from different universities. Thus, quarantine restrictions were almost of a little touch, but still the planned autumn intramural plenary session was reorganized to the distant format and was conducted on the 23 of September 2020. On this plenary session the Vice-Rector of Kyrgyz State Technical University named Iskhak Razzakov Raya Sultanalieva summarized the work of sections and the final resolution of the conference was agreed by the members of Consortium.
The very same day, 23 September, the teleconference of the 8th General Meeting of the universities-members of Consortium was carried out. Despite the limited discussion capacities, the MPEI-based meeting on the Cisco-Webex platform was attended by more than seventy representatives of 32 universities from Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

The report of the Consortium secretariat pointed out that in the past 2019/20, 256 students of joint educational programs of the Consortium in 21 fields of training studied at the universities of Kyrgyzstan. The majority of the students studied their Bachelor courses, while several programs of Master and Specialty courses were also realized. 40 students were studying in Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture named Nasyrdyn Isanov, the rest - in Kyrgyz State Technical University named Iskhak Razzakov. The Russian side brought 12 universities to the mutually realized programs. 59 students of joint programs in Russia studied on senior Bachelor courses, 12 more did their Master studies.

In 2020, 25 students of joint programs completed their studies, of which 17 students received two diplomas - from Russian and Kyrgyz partner universities. Double-Degree programs were carried out by Kyrgyz State Technical University named Iskhak Razzakov and MPEI, Baltic State Technical University named Dmitry Ustinov and Kazan State Power Engineering University. The feature of 2020 was the wide-spread use of distant technologies in evaluating all the final test results compared to previous years when only a part of them were assessed on-line.

Among graduates of undergraduate programs in 2020, 64% continued their education by participating in a Master program at Russian universities (60%) and Kyrgyz universities (4%). 36% of graduates were employed, all found work in their specialty. Master graduates were fully employed by September.

In the new 2020/21 academic year, 12 Kyrgyz students of joint Bachelor programs continue their education at Russian partner universities. Of these, only 3 persons received Russian quotas; for the rest, universities used other opportunities for admission. Among the Master students, 11 Kyrgyz students were sent to Russian universities, and all of them received places by the Russian quota.

The general meeting outlined the high activity of Kyrgyz students and graduates of joint educational programs. They take part in the United Graduate Day of Russian Universities, organized by the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Kyrgyzstan, and are all active members of the Association of Russian Alumni in Kyrgyzstan.
The consolidated application draft of RKСTU partner universities for the allocation of target quotas in 2021 contains proposals for sending 90 students studying in 11 areas of training to Russian universities. Of these, Bachelor students - 62 persons, specialty students - 3 persons, Master students - 25 persons. 1 graduate is recommended for admission to Ph.D. training. In addition, it is planned to send 6 teachers from Kyrgyz universities to undergo programs of additional professional education in order to improve their qualification.

In 2020, the Consortium secretariat received applications from 3 Russian universities and a Kyrgyz-Uzbek University with requests to join the Consortium. At the general meeting, presentations of universities and their plans for the development of joint educational programs were considered. As a result of the discussion and open voting, 4 new universities were accepted into the Russian-Kyrgyz consortium of technical universities. These are:

  • Murmansk Arctic State University (MASU), Russia;
  • Russian State Geological Prospecting University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze;
  • North-caucasus Federal University;
  • Kyrgyz-Uzbek University.

At the general meeting of the Consortium, a number of universities made reports on the development of Russian-Kyrgyz scientific and educational cooperation in the context of the pandemic, and an exchange of experience in distance education took place. The reports of the representatives were considered, such as those of Kazan State Power Engineering University, speaker Vice-Rector for Research Irina Akhmetova, National Research University ITMO, speaker Head of the Quality Department of the educational process Olga Eliseeva, Osh Technological University, speaker Rector Abdykadyr Abidov, Moscow Technical University of Communications And Informatics, speakers Vice-Rector for International Relations Andrey Mukhanov, Head of the Department for Work with Foreign Students Alexandra Esina.

As a conclusion, representatives of the universities-members of Consortium took to their consent the roadmap for 2020/21 that was prepared by secretariate, as well as the final protocol of the General meeting, and agreed to discuss them remotelyin a week.
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