Summing up results of XVIII All-Russian Conference and XXVIII All-Russian School-Seminar


In the period from September 18 to September 25, 2020, the annual XVIII All-Russian Conference and XXVIII All-Russian School-Seminar both named "Integration of Russian Universities into the World Educational and Scientific Space, Taking into Account the Regional Issues" were being conducted. This year the Conference and the School-Seminar are dedicated to the topic of "Prospects and Capacities of Forming the System of Expert and Analytical Support of the International Activities of Russian Universities".

Those Conference and School-Seminar are one of the largest annual events for the staff of the international services of Russian universities, one of their organizers is MPEI.

In the conditions of lasting uncertainty because of unprecedented quarantine measures taken in Russia and all over the world, still more than 60 specialists on international activity and governing bodies from 20 subjects of Russia and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan participated in the conference that was carried out in distant and non-distant formats.

At the Conference and School-Seminar, MPEI was represented by Alexander Tarasov, Vice-Rector on International Relations, Sergey Shirinskii, Head of International Administration, Elena Gulicheva, Head of Department of International Relations, Marina Osipova, Deputy Head of Department of International Relations and Ekaterina Sysoeva, specialist of the Foreign Office.
At the Conference, Alexander Tarasov, MPEI Vice-Rector on International Relations, shared his experience of organization of international service of MPEI during the pandemic, as well as Marina Osipova, MPEI Deputy Head of Department of International Relations, who spoke of attracting foreign teachers to work at the university.

The plenary session members considered the thematic reports of the Representative of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science "On the current results of the implementation of the federal project "Export of Education" of the national project "Education".

Three thematic platforms were working at the Conference, which considered the issues: "Features of the Management of the International activities of Russian Universities in Modern Conditions", "Digital Technologies in the Management of International Cooperation of Russian Universities", "Global Features of Migration Processes, Spreading the Russian Language and Culture. Linguistic Aspects of Adaptation and Integration of International Migration".

A particular session within the framework of the Conference was dedicated to the issue "Strategies and tools for the development of the export of Russian education"

The round table was dedicated to the topic: "Needs of the Neighboring Countries in the Development of Educational, Scientific and Technological Cooperation with Russian Universities."

The XXVIII annual All-Russian expert training school was held in the mode of a workshop and was consecrated to the formation of a model of the expert-analytical platform with an All-Russian status and the simultaneous use of well-established basic training technologies.

As a result of the Conference and the School-Seminar, the participants received certificates of advanced training of 52 academic hours.

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