The 2nd RD20: Conference of the Research and Development for Clean Energy Technologies


From September 29 until October 9 in Japan a conference dedicated to the issues of Clean Energy Technologies and named RD20 was held. Its goal was to promote the creation of an essential medium for international joint research through strengthening the ties of cooperation between leading Universities and enterprises of G20 countries. One of the organizers of the conference was the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology – AIST.

The second international conference "Research and Development 2020 for clean energy technologies (RD20)" was carried out in the framework of the results of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Japan. The first conference meeting was conducted in Tokyo one year ago. This year, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was taken to favour the remote format of the conference on the basis of Cisco Webex software.
The conference gathered members of 23 Universities and enterprises chosen among the leaders of the Energy branch of different countries - Argentina, Canada, France, China, USA, Italy and others.

RD20 was carried out online in two separate sessions - technical one and the session of leaders in the framework of the Tokyo Week that comprised six leading international conferences organized by Japan.

The technical session consisted of 4 sections: "Renewable Energy", "Hydrogen Energy", "New Generation Energy Management System" and "Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCU)".
On October 9, the session of leaders was held with Rector of MPEI Nikolay Rogalev as a participant. He shared his experience with the leaders of prominent universities and companies of G20 by giving his word on "Research and development of promising hydrogen technologies at MPEI for the transition to a hydrogen economy in Russia".
Leaders shared their opinions and discussed the ways of solving science and technical problems in the field of clean energy technologies on the basis of international experience. They agreed as well that the triangle of cooperation among scientific domains, industry and politics could be the key for further development of clean energy technologies and their implementation in the society.

The materials of the conference are available here and photos here.​

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