MPEI took part in online-meeting of International Graduates from Russian and Soviet universities "Energy to inspire"


On October 30, 2020, MPEI Rector Nikolay Rogalev along with Yuri Raspertov, Deputy Head of the Department of International cooperation of Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Russia, Leos Tomicek, Senior Vice-President of JSC "Rusatom Overseas Inc" and Anicet Gabriel Kotchofa, CEO of the International Coordination Council of Educational Institutions’ Alumni INCORVUZ-XXI, took part in the discussion upon the topic "Advantages of Russian/Soviet technical engineering education".
The discussion was held in the framework of online meeting of graduates from Russian and Soviet Higher Educational Institutes "Energy to inspire" organized by Rosatom under the aegis of celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Nuclear Industry.

On the ground of three virtual cabinets employees and graduates of MPEI, representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia, heads of international youth organizations, rectors of Russian and Foreign Universities and the governing board of Rosatom talked over the best educational practices and development patterns of collaboration between the universities and their foreign students and graduates..
"At the moment, more than 300 000 foreign students are studying in Russia, about 3600 scholarships have actually been allocated for the training of specialists in the technical field," - noted Mr. Raspertov.

Leos Tomicek, MPEI graduate of 1982, spoke about the demand for the Soviet and Russian technical education. He stated that the basis of water technologies for nuclear reactors acquired at MPEI, determined his future successful career. Having studied Russian at school, Leos managed to avoid the language barrier that is often disturbing foreign students. At MPEI this problem has now found its remedy in the Russian Preliminary course given to foreigners.

"Since 1956, MPEI has been one of the first technical universities in the USSR to train competent personnel in technical specialties for foreign countries" - pointed out Nikolay Rogalev. "The quota admission of foreigners to MPEI usually predetermines the absence of further problems with the employment of graduates".

Apart from the study itself, MPEI supports the intercultural relations between the students. This means, for example, conducting the annual Russain Language Olympiad for students of non-philological universities, Interfestival and the cycle of other social, cultural and sports events for foreigners..
The participants in the discussion recalled their studies in Soviet universities with great warmth and gratitude. Anicet (Ancient) Gabriel Kotchofa agreed with the thesis that the graduates from Russian technical universities, who inherited the principles of fundamental training of highly qualified specialists from the Soviet higher school, are highly demanded.

The online format of conducting the event made visible the scale of presence of MPEI Alumni in the world, who became prominent political, social and scientific persons in their home countries having graduated from the Russian technical universities.

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