MPEI Vice-Rector took part in Forum for staff members of Higher Educational Institutions’ International Departments


20 November 2020 on the basis of RUDN the annual Forum for staff members  of Higher Educational Institutions' International Departments was held. It was dedicated to "Export of education as the base for the economic development of the Russian Federation: Russian and international experience".

Alexander Tarasov, Vice-Rector on International Relations made a report on changes in the work of the international services of the university under the pandemic conditions. The key issues of the report were: peculiarities of admission, the organization of study process and State Final Attestation in the conditions of the pandemic, on the example of MPEI.

One of the issues of the meeting was the export of Russian Education. The agenda included the organization of state support and consistency maintenance for the processes of international personnel training throughout the global challenges. As well, the improvement of the cooperation between the Universities and Russian State bodies in the events of attracting foreigners to study in Russia was discussed.

The Forum gathered more than 700 persons.

To complete the Forum topics' consideration, the stages and mechanisms of Federal project "Education" were discussed. As well, members of the Forum shared the experience of taking foreign citizens to study at Russian universities, and their support in residing and education.​

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