MPEI took part in the 5th Youth Forum for Universities of Countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organization-2020


17 November 2020, on the base of Belgorod State National Research University, the 5th Youth Forum for the Universities of Shanghai Cooperation Organization-2020. The basic topic of the Forum was International Youth cooperation in the space of SCO.

The forum gathered representatives of 32 Universities, Embassies and State bodies of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and China. The issues of effective collaboration in education, science, politics and culture  were discussed.

The Forum was conducted via Zoom. Along with that, Forum members reflected in the final resolution the importance of IT infrastructure development of universities for the improvement of collaboration of students and young scientists from SCO countries in the remote format, as well as the importance of interaction to maintain the unified digital field and development of remote education forms.

All the volunteers prepared stand reports on the issues of the event, that would be located on the Forum website.

MPEI is a basic university of USCO and coordinator of the “Power Engineering” international field. Master course students, postgraduates and young scientists take part in the Forum.

Recently Ekaterina Sysoeva, postgraduate of the Department of Management in Power Engineering and Industry, specialist of the Departments of International Administration participated in the forum.

The State authorities support the youth as a key factor of social development, a source of innovation and a working engine of the SCO project.

The photo source: official website of Belgorod State National Research University.

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