MPEI took part in Executive Board session of University Alliance of the Silk Road


27 November 2020, the session of the Executive Board of University Alliance of the Silk Road (UASR) was held. MPEI participated in the session as a full member of UASR since its foundation.

The session of the Executive board organized by the Secretariat of UASR jointly with Milan Polytechnic University was carried out remotely on the Webex platform.

At the meeting, the report of the UASR Secretary General on the Alliance events held this year was presented, and 4 new universities were introduced that had applied for the membership in the Alliance. Following their presentations, members of the Executive Committee voted for their acceptance via email. And in addition to brief reports made by representatives of universities-members of the Executive Committee, speeches were made by deputies from Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University and the Polytechnic University of Milan upon the ways of further development of cooperation among universities with respect to the framework of the UASR. In particular, exchange of online educational courses was discussed, as well as conducting webinars upon the problems of science, education and industry, development of scientific cooperation and holding competitions for scientific projects of graduates and postgraduates.

For strengthening the ties with industry it was offered to organize a series of online-seminars with the participation of engaged enterprises, and for the improvement of postgraduates’ training - to arrange the intensive courses upon actual topics that would be available for all the universities.

The offers proposed are to be discussed in detail after the distribution of the presentations by the Secretariate.

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