First training week in framework of creation of resource centers for Russian education abroad


Teachers of MPEI successfully conducted the first week of training course in the framework of the project of resource center creation for Russian education abroad (Federal project "Education Export"). There are 4 more weeks ahead.

The course is held in remote format. Students listen to lectures in physics and solve problems with the teachers. On Tuesday the lesson was given by Maksim Silaev, Ph.D., senior lecturer of the Departments of Theoretical Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering​ and Electric Power Systems. It was attended by 100 of students of Mongolian-Russian Higher secondary school in Ulaanbaatar.

On Wednesday the lesson upon the Electricity was conducted by Vladimir Korolev, assistant of the Department of Theoretical Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering​. The lecture was taken by students of partner schools from other countries, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Moldavia. Despite the timezones’ difficulties, students were participating actively in the conversation.
On Thursday, the course upon the Magnetism started. The teacher of the Department of Electric Power Systems Oleg Orlov spoke to students about the interconnection of Electricity and Magnetism, magnetic induction and Ampere power. The study format helped make the lesson clear for all the students, either those who had already studied the course at school, or those who didn’t have the Electricity background.
The week was crowned by the  "Molecular-kinetic theory" course given by Viktoria Anoshina, teacher of "Young Power Engineer" school on Friday. The students took the lecture positively and showed the enthusiasm to visit the training every week. Overall, the lesson was attended by 80 students and one teacher.
For the teachers of schools-partners the course for qualification raising started on Sunday. It touched the basics of teaching, audience control, art of presentation making and peculiarities of lesson conduct in contact and remote format. In the next lessons teachers would be able to deal with the matters concerned in a closer way. The course was well-taken and appeared to provide actual topics for the school teachers.

A winter school starts in the nearest future which would provide the information on MPEI and power engineering field of study for children, as well as virtual excursions and interactive games.

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