MPEI took part in online exhibition of Russian Universities


26-27 November, 2020, a virtual exhibition of Russian educational organizations of higher education was taking place. MPEI presented its stand with the actual information about the University.

The exhibitor from the Department of International Relations was Irina Sazonova who spoke about the opportunities and advantages of the education at MPEI.

In course of the online exhibition the representatives of MPEI could talk directly to the potential applicants and answer the questions posed. Special attention of the guests of the exposition was paid to programs of Bachelor and Master in English medium.

The virtual exhibition EduAdvisor.ru is dedicated to Russian educational institutions of higher education and involves the placement on a pre-reserved virtual stand of all relevant information about the university (contact information, banners, brochures, booklets, videos, etc.) regarding infrastructure and educational programs that are most attractive to applicants from foreign countries.

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