Project results of Russian educational resource centers abroad creation 2020


In 2020 the work of the Consortium of Russian higher educational organizations continues. Its main goal was to realize the "Creation of at least 5 resource centers for children and teachers (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and others)" with enhanced education in the Russian language in the partner countries of the Federal Project "Educational Export" of the National Project "Education"

In the framework of the realization of the project the 5 resource centers created in 2019 were supplemented by 2 more: a private school "Al-Assiyeh" in Damascus, Syria, and a pre-university lyceum "Svetoci" in Moldova.

The courses were held in a remote format and concerned the topics of "Mechanics", "Electrostatics and direct current", "Fundamentals of molecular kinetic theory", "Fundamentals of electrodynamics". For the Syrian school the courses were organized in Arabic by MPEI.

Moreover, the project opened a winter school on Physics for 7 countries (the number of participants exceeded 150 persons) and courses of retraining for teachers of resource centers abroad.

The events held within the winter school included the contest for the best video with physical experiment at home, team contest for the best project work on the future career in electric power engineering and team competition for the best knowledge of electric power system work. Upon the results, the participants received certificates of contestants and winners.

During 2019-2020, two versions of the study methodic complex in physics of the basic level for students of foreign schools, in English and in Russian, were developed.

In the framework of carrying out the project MPEI took part in the online exposition "Time to study in Russia!" on the platform EduAdvisor, representing our university at a virtual stand. The members of the exposition learned about the actual fields of study at the Russian universities, rules of admission in the 2020/21 academic year and the prospects of studying in Russia.

The results of creation of Russian educational resource centers abroad this year were considered on 22 December at the conference "Time to study in Russia". MPEI representative Maksim Silaev shared his experience of using the methodology of the "Young power engineer" school in the framework of realization of the project of resource centers. His topic was given in the thematic section "Experience of cooperation in the implementation of the project "Creation and development of resource centers for children and teachers": best practices".

The prospects of the project development in the coming year were discussed as well.

Every year the project of creation of resource centers of Russian education abroad embraces more and more countries.
MPEI is open for new contacts and takes the responsibility of maximum support for this initiative.​

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