Support of foreign students during the pandemic


MPEI constantly gives social help to foreign students. In current conditions, this support is extremely actual.

For years, our University has been cooperating with the insurance company PJSC "Energogarant" that gives medical service to foreign students, including annual medical examination and treatment on the base of the "Medsanchast 03 Ltd", that does its best to ensure that the students of our University stayed safe and received quality medical help despite the difficult Covid-19 situation.

Upon the results of cooperation in 2019-2020, "Medsanchast 03" on behalf of the "Energogarant" provided gift certificates for free insurance policies for foreigners.

Gift certificates were offered to students with good study results and active participation in the studentship life of MPEI.

The laureates were congratulated by the Dean of the Foreign Office, Alexander Ankin, who wished them health and successful studying.

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