MPEI received "Internationalization of Higher Education" award"


MPEI has become a laureate of IV annual award "Internationalization of Higher Education" in the nomination "International Reputation of Universities" due to the constantly developing project of MPEI for creation of resource centres of Russian education abroad.

The criteria for the evaluation and expert judgement of the jury were: actuality and scope of the project for the university, correspondence between the goals and the results, rationality of resource usage, creativity and originality.

The solemn prize awarding ceremony of EEUA 2020 was carried out in the framework of the Winter Conference of EEUA on Baikal at Irkutsk National Research Technical University.

The independent EEUA prize is awarded to higher education institutions in Russia and the CIS countries for achievements in the field of international activities and the internationalization of higher education. It contributes to the formation of a positive reputation of the country in the international market of educational services and draws attention to the contribution of universities to the development of national higher education.​​

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