The MPEI admission campaign of foreigners of year 2021 has started


On January 25, 2021, in the framework of cooperation with the social organization of students from Kyrgyzstan, the first MPEI career guidance meeting was held in Moscow.

During the meeting, the Dean of the Foreign Office of MPEI Alexander Ankin showed a presentation about our university, spoke about institutes, educational process and employment of our graduates.

In the framework of the meeting, students were given a tour over the fields of study, knowledge and skills to be acquired at MPEI.

However, studentship is not only about studying, it is as well about socializing, creativity and sports. A nice example of this is the annual Interfestival with its contests, culture events, concert and awarding.

During the meeting the accent was made on the rules of admission and description of the issues of documents’ application for studying on scholarship or contract basis.

The end of the meeting was dedicated to sharing the contact information and offering the registration on the MPEI website and in VK group to keep in touch with all the latest on the 2021 application campaign.​

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