Candidate selection for joint programs of University of SCO


In January 2021 the conferences with Chinese candidates pretending to participate in the joint programs of the University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The trigger was the start of receiving applications for scholarships set by the Russian Culture Center in Beijing.

Now the courses for Chinese students of North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) that study at the MPEI-NCEPU joint educational program are carried out in Chinese. In the framework of the program students as well have supplementary courses of Russian organized by MPEI.

The conference and conversation with Chinese students were organized in Russian because it is to be the working language for them at MPEI. Through these conversations the level of students’ knowledge was evaluated.

Out of 31 applicants of the Chinese part, more than two thirds received excellent and good marks. These grades and the grades of basic study subjects are key to acquire Russian scholarship for MPEI admission.
As well, on 1st February, 2021, the interview with the students of the NCEPU Master Course was held by English teachers employed by International Administration of MPEI.
This year there were 13 Chinese contestants from NCEPU who applied for participation in the joint programs of the Power Engineering of the USCO and MPEI, carried out in English on a scholarship basis. The interview’s goal was to evaluate the English skills of the applicants and their motivation to be ready to study for 1 year in Russia.

Based on the result of this competition, the shortlist of candidates was created, with the winners to receive support from MPEI to obtain the scholarship.

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