Meeting with foreign students at MPEI


18 February, 2021, International Administration of MPEI carried out a meeting with foreign students of all years of study.

The meeting gathered more than 100 students - members of the International Council of MPEI and representatives of 57 countries.
The event was organized in the framework of solving several tasks:

  • to sum up the results of the winter session 2020/2021;
  • to speak about the work process realization in spring semester fo 2020/2021;
  • to remind of the necessity to comply with the terms of medical support of foreigners temporarily residing in Russia;
  • to prevent the spread of extremism and terrorism ideology;
  • to avoid dealing with forbidden psychoactive and narcotic substances;
  • to inform of the medical policy of the COVID-19 situation;
  • to remind of considering the Rules of inner routine;

From the part of the administration and services of the University, the following persons took speech: Vice-rector on international relations Alexander Tarasov, Head of the department of Students’ Campus Alexander Shepilov, Head of the department of security Shamil Jamalov, employees of the Foreign Office Sofie Akopyan and Natalia Kruglova, Head of the Department of Visas and Registration Olesya Aparina, members of the International Council of MPEI.

The Dean of the Foreign Office, Alexander Ankin, emphasized the importance of complying with the demands of the general rules, medical support and COVID-19 policy requirements. Head of the Students’ Campus clarified once again the basic rules of fire safety and hostel routine. Head of the Department of visa and registration made clear the notions of basic laws of Russia that regulate the migratory issues of the country, i.e. entering, leaving, travelling and sojourning. The employees of the Foreign office described the features of the distant learning, attendance control and study events.
All the responsible persons of the Administration pointed out that the studentship of MPEI is a consolidated multinational community that is united by loyalty to others and mutual help while studying, and is against the ideas of social, racial, national and religious discord.

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