Directors of Competence center of National Technological Initiative took part in International Forum "Technologies of security"


At the International Forum "Technologies of security" in the framework of the thematic day "Information Security in Automatic Systems of Control. Security of critical information structure” the section of "Life cycle of system for information security of digital power industry object” took place, organized by the "Cybersecurity" Competence center of National Technological Initiative Energynet and Groteсk.
The discussion was attended by the Director of the Center of Competence, Director of NTI based on MPEI, Alexander Voloshin, Head of the Cybersecurity direction of the Center of Competence of NTI based on MPEI Vladimir Karantaev, Oleg Grinko, the leader of the Energynet WG, Maxim Nikandrov from Intellectual Networks LLC, and Alexander Karpenko, Head of the ACS department of Jet Infosystems JSC.

The section was held in the form of two set reports dedicated to questions of prospective technologies and digital systems architecture for security and automatic power systems control, as well as installing a complex of information security of a modern digital object of power engineering with further discussion among the listeners, invited experts and speakers themselves.

Results of the section work included short summaries of discussed issues related to the Information Security of power industrial systems:

  • Underlining necessity of working out the solutions for Information Security in the framework of projects for digital power industry development, particularly RES;
  • declaring the necessity of development of professional and educational standards, as well as new approaches to the personnel training. For instance, it was offered to actualize the educational system by forming certain programs for possible training of lecturers with the experience gained to be transferred to students;
  • creating a new possible approach to modelling the information security for power systems of next generation created by Energynet;
  • necessity for development of contemporary and promising technologies of security in TPC at leading universities and companies through mechanisms of guiding the research and construction.
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