MPEI continues to realize project of Resource centers of Russian education abroad 2021


20, 21, 27 and 28 February, 2021, the first 4 lessons for students of foreign schools in the framework of the project of Resource centers’ creation took place, fulfilling the realization of the "Education Export" Federal project.

Lecturer of Department of Theoretical Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering carries out a lesson in Physics for Resource Center students

To extend the course of lectures concerning basic Physical topics that were held at the end of 2020, a course of practical studies is conducted. The central goal of the course was to dissect the main problems that could be possibly met when applying to Russian universities. At the first lessons an analysis of problems from the "Mechanics" part was carried out. Overall, the lesson was attended by 30 students from different resource centers and their teachers. The first classes were led by Konstantin Shish , and their form was positively accepted by listeners that expressed their desire to continue.

The lessons at MPEI are going to be carried out once a week on Sundays. They are available to students from Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Tajikistan and Moldavia. As well, the form of the studies for the students from Syria in Arabic are being discussed. In the framework of the further practical course the Departments of Physics such as "Molecular-kinetic theory", "Electrical phenomena" and "Magnetic phenomena" are to be considered.

Within the limits of the Resource Center project realization at MPEI the career advice events for schoolchildren will be carried out once a month. Their goal is to introduce the prospects and specialties at MPEI to students.

It is good to mention that the realization of the resource center project is in good shape and the lessons’ schedule tends to be stable. MPEI aims for maximum activity and cooperation in this project realization.

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