Delegation of Tajikistan Embassy in Russia to MPEI


9 March, 2021, the delegation of the Republic of Tajikistan in Russia visited MPEI, and was represented by Mr. Fahruddin Akhmedov, attaché of the Embassy, and Mr. Eradzh Djurabekzoda, Head of the Representative office for the Customs Department of the Republic of Tajikistan.
The goal of the visit was to meet the Administration of the University and to examine the conditions of studying and residing of compatriot students. The Tajik officials were welcomed by the Alexander Tarasov, Vice-Rector on International Relations, Sergey Shirinskii, Head of International Administration, and Alexander Ankin, Dean of the Foreign Office. The meeting was held at the Study Office of the Institute of Electric Power Engineering with participation of the IEPE Head Vladimir Tulskiy.

In course of the discussion the partners touched the organization of a systematic approach to the students’ well-being - from career advice for schoolchildren through the university life to the distribution of graduates to the power industrial objects. To achieve interest of students in the chosen field of science the IEPE Study Office plans to conduct a row of round-table events dedicated to the history of power engineering for international students. As well, during the talk, the representatives of the Tajik Embassy offered help for MPEI in involving the power industrial companies of Tajikistan into the career advice programs and in organization of an opportunity to carry out a workshop on providing personnel for the Tajik power industry that could be held on the basis of MPEI Branch in Dushanbe when that the pandemic situation gets normalized.

The event was crowned by the discussion of vital issues of the student’s life between the delegates and their compatriots.​

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