MPEI claims place in Times Higher Education rankings among universities from countries with emerging economies


In 2021 MPEI entered the annual THE Emerging Economies University Rankings.

It has improved its positions by entering the 351-400 group, compared to the 401-500 position among the best universities.

THE Emerging Economies University Rankings covers countries denoted as developing on the basis of the FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) classification. It evaluates 600 universities from 48 countries, including those located in the BRICS countries. The ranking also includes universities in Argentina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and a number of CIS countries.

Russian Federation is on the second place in THE Rankings among countries with emerging economies by the number of universities in top-50 and on the fourth by the total number of them. Number of Universities of Russia in the top-100 of the ranking has risen to 12, and this is the highest level compared to the years passed.

Overall, the ranking of 2021 includes 48 Russian universities.

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