MPEI joins Earth Hour world performance


27 March, 2021, as a sign of unindifference towards the future of the planet, MPEI turned off the frontlighting of the MPEI Campus buildings. The University became a participant of the vastest ecology action on the planet - Earth Hour. Its goal is to draw attention to the responsibility for the nature and planet resources.

This event was organized for the first time by WWF in Australia in 2007. In Russia, the Earth Hour is conducted for the 13th time. In 2019, the performance involved more than 2 billion people from 188 countries, including 30 million Russian citizens from 800 cities.


The Earth Hour is conventionally carried out on the last and next-to-last Saturday of March. In 2021, it was dedicated to the openness of ecology information.

To join the event, it was needed to unplug all the electric devices for an hour between 20:30 and 21:30 on March 27 and spend this time with lights turned off.

On Friday, March 26, MPEI Rector spoke about the Earth Hour performance in the interview of the Izvestiya and clarified the situation with the issues of the event.

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