MPEI Rector spoke of Power Engineering development through digitalization age at RIEF-2021


22 April, 2021, Rector MPEI and President of Non-commercial Partnership “Science-Technical Council of United Energy System” Nikolay Rogalev discussed the issues of functioning and development of power engineering in the age of digitalization. He spoke with members of State and business structures during the round table at the Russian International Energy Forum, which was dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology in Russia.

The Power Engineering Branch is dynamically developing basing on the priorities of Russian Energy and the solutions of the new Energy strategy of Russia until 2035. Apart from the issues of energy efficiency, modernisation and digitalization, the topic touched the solution of ecology problems. Implementation of new digital technologies, innovative R&D and qualified personnel who understands how it works - this is what can help reach the sustainable development of Russian power engineering, pointed out Nikolay Rogalev.

Russian International Energy Forum is an annual congress-exhibition event for specialists of fuel and power engineering branches. The main goal of the project is to create a ground for the dialogue of branch corporations, government bodies and scientific community.

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