MPEI took part in online contest HACKATOM HUNGARY


29-30 April, 2021, the online contest HACKATOM HUNGARY was held, with the aim of the development of ideas in the field of Nuclear Engineering. The organizer of this event was the State Corporation Rosatom.

The event was organized to attract the attention of scientists that specialize in Physics, Mathematics and Power Engineering to the aspect of power industry development that proves itself to be crucial nowadays.

From the part of MPEI the contest was attended by Alexander Anikeev, Head of the Department of Nuclear Power Stations and Konstantin Proskuryakov, lecturer of the Department of Nuclear Power Stations who made a report on "Creation of a Digital Acoustic Model of a Nuclear Power Plant with VVER to Achieve Zero Failure of Nuclear Fuel and Control and Protection System".

The event was held online on the Webex platform, with English as the official language.

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