MPEI hosts foreign talents’ show


19 May, 2021, the talents contest of foreign students took place in the Large Assembly Hall. The competition was organized by the International Council of MPEI.

The concert was solemnly opened by Polina Cheremshanskaya, the Vice-rector’s assistant, who spoke about the importance of studying the other countries cultures and letting the foreigners learn about ours. The International Council gives an opportunity to bridge different countries and people, to create friendship and keep it until the old bones.
The contest was attended by talented students who came from different countries and brought creativity and cheerfulness. The contestants were brightly dressed and impressed the audience with the energy and the diversity of the show. The ambience was full of feelings and happiness.
The event form was mixed for the first time. Apart from the performances from the stage, the contest included remote recitals, so the closed borders couldn’t stop the students to show their talents. One of the performances was even recorded by the quarantined student from the hostel. For the first time, the contest was attended by Uzbek students from the MPEI branch in Tashkent.
The show was crowned by the performance of Olga Evlakhova, Head of MPEI International Council, representing Russia.
By the end of the contest, the prize-winners were the following:

1 place - Tang Hyu H, Vietnam

2 place  - Daniyar Koychumanov, Kyrgyzstan

3 place - Olga Evlakova, Russia
All the contestants received Diplomas, awardees were given memorable gifts.
In the end, Maria Odintsova, Head of the Center of "
Russian as a foreign language", was invited to the stage for the awarding ceremony of the Russian Language Olympiad for foreigners that was held in remote form in spring 2021 and gathered several hundreds of foreign students from different Russian universities. This event offered the foreigners an opportunity to meet the culture of MPEI.​


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