Uzbek visit: Minister of education and Rectors of leading universities of Uzbekistan meet MPEI delegation


20 May, 2021, the delegation of MPEI led by Rector Nikolay Rogalev, paid a visit to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Uzbekistan Republic. The guests were met by the Minister Abducodyr Toshkulov and Uzokboy Begymkulov, Vice-Minister who graduated from MPEI.

The issues on the development of MPEI Branch in Uzbekistan were discussed at the working event. The special attention was given to the discussion about the future students’ training of the Branch that gets their education in Tashkent State Technical University named Islam Karimov on a joint MPEI TSTU educational program.
In the framework of the event, MPEI officials visited the 
National University of Uzbekistan and were welcomed by the Rector of NUU Inom Madjidov.

The meeting was dedicated to the issues of the personnel training in the prospective fields demanded on the labour market, preparation of teachers, scientific staging, extension of the collaboration in the field of teaching and research, the effective scientific laboratories use and research institutes in the education of doctorate students and independent researchers.

In his speech to the Uzbek officials, Nikolay Rogalev declared that it would be purposeful to organize an online meeting between the representatives of two Universities for the precise and detailed definition of certain goals and collaboration fields in education and science domains.

In the end of the meeting, the sides decided to sign the Memorandum of mutual understanding as a conclusion of the mutual interest in strengthening the collaboration.

By the end of a work visit to Uzbekistan, the MPEI delegation attended the Tashkent State Technical University named Islam Karimov to discuss the issues on the cooperation development. where the MPEI officials were met by Sadritdin Turabdjanov.

TSTU is a long-term partner of MPEI. The collaboration was especially intense in 2018, when the decision of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Uzbek Republic appointed TSTU as a University-partner of MPEI in creating the Branch in Tashkent. On the basis of this University future MPEI students are trained on the joint educational programs.

In course of the visit scientific and educational cooperation prospects were vocalized, including the ones of extending the educational programs. The broad interest in participation of students and teaching staff in the conferences carried out by our universities was arisen, as well as the keenness to the realization of joint scientific projects, master and postgraduate students training.

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