Lecture on "Development of International Business in Electric Power"


27 May, 2021 on the MPEI ground the Open lecture of Ou Xiaoming, Head of the Representative office, State Electrogrid Corporation of China in Russia, was conducted on Future of Power Industry and Development of the international business.

The event was carried out under the Ministry of Energy of Russia project "Energy Talks" and the RNC CIGRE Youth Section Committee "Open lectures of National Research Committees of RNC CIGRE for students".
The lecture was attended by students and young specialists from Russian Universities, representatives of power companies and organizations.

In course of the lecture, the development issues of international business in Electric Power field were considered, the strategy principles of the globalization in the energy industry were discussed through developed and developing countries experience, the distribution prognoses of the global set of electric power towards 2040 were given, along with the current stage estimation of international relations development among China and foreign countries in the field of electric power, and the picture of Chinese power system until the year of 2040. The plans of interaction between Russia and China in the conditions of global epidemiological situation in the domain of experience exchange were discussed in the course of the lecture as well.

At the end of the lecture, the ask-and-answer section was carried out, when Ou Xiaoming responded to the inquiries that had appeared.

The lecture video is available h​ere.

The lecture was part of Open talks set with the international experts in the field of electric power, and also young specialists and students of the domain, as well as all other listeners. The lectures were conducted under the Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation project "Energy Talks".
Its goal is to create the space for young specialists and students of networking, knowledge, opinion and experience exchange, and search for new ideas and solutions. Every event is the opportunity for students to meet the real story of working colleagues and model their own career strategy, to understand what the Russian energy sphere is by examining the real cases. The project gives a chance to build an open and confidential relationship with the specialists of the branch and with the students of the best Russian institutes, get the feedback and share the ideas for the future of the power industry of the country.

The project is realized within the support of the Youth Council Electric Power (Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation) and RNC CIGRE Youth Section Committee.

Official website of the CIGRE RNC Youth Section

The project of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation "Energy Talks" in Telegram

Official website of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

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