Meeting for MPEI students


26 May, 2021, the representatives of anti-extremist Center and Ministry of Internal Affairs met foreign students of Electrical Power Engineering Institute. 
The lectures were divided into three parts. The first was dedicated to the extremist and terrorist ideology denial, as well as the involvement in radicalism. The speaker was David Petrosyan, employee of the Center of anti-extremism. The main attention was paid to the legal base of the anti-terrorist struggle and its social basics.

The second part of the lectures was dedicated to the conversation about the harmful psychoactive substances.
Elena Novikova, police officer, told the students about the consequences of using drugs and the legal responsibility of spreading and consuming them. As well, the medical aspects of taking psychoactive substances were considered. After the speech she responded to the questions emerged.

The third part of the lectures was opened by the transport police inspectors Ilya Arhipov and Lybov Kosygina. It was dedicated to the basics of the road and transport routine. As many students make simple mistakes that have grave consequences, the police inspectors tried to explain and to prevent the errors, as well as to develop the understanding of the rules among the students.
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