MPEI student wins universities’ contest for EU Erasmus+ grant


By the results of the contest for the EU Era​smus+ 2021 grant of Spanish Universities, the grant was awarded to the MPEI student of Bachelor IPMM course, Tatyana Timofeeva.

MPEI students and postgraduates actively participate in the annual contest of Erasmus+, which is carried out by the Spanish National Agency and coordinators of Spanish Universities. The contest annually receives around 30 applications from leading Russian Universities. The top 4 contestants become winners and are awarded grants. It is joyful to see that almost every year among the winners there are students and postgraduates of our university.
This year Tatyana Timofeyeva can use the Erasmus+ grant as a member of the program to take the academic mobility and study at the Madrid University of Carlos III.

We wish our student a successful realization of the program!

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