Nobel Prize laureate Rae Kwon Chung speaks at MPEI


31 May, 2021, Nobel Prize laureate in 2007, Dr. Rae Kwon Chung read the lecture at MPEI on the future of "green" power engineering. The discussion of Dr. Chung’s lecture "Net Zero 2050 and Russia" was attended by MPEI employees, specialists in the field of renewable energy sources and thermal power engineering. The meeting was organized by the Committee of "Global Energy" International Award.

Dr. Chung stated: "MPEI has all the potential to maintain a strong supply for the future of the power industry. The University can transmit a positive message to the country and society in development of the "green" energy, that could open broad opportunities for Russian engineers and for the future economy growth"

Assessing the prospects of the power industry development, Dr. Chung said that "Russia has real prospects to join the leaders of the hydrogen production to develop the new age energy system. The natural gas bargains as the foundation of Russian import structure are cheap, the hydrogen production is a much more valuable asset. Russia has all that is necessary to become the leader of the hydrogen production and the leader in the hydrogen power industry. Clearly, it would require MPEI support and a strong political decision."
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