MPEI took part in 3rd Interregional Conference of Russian and Uzbek Rectors


26 May, 2021, the 3rd Interregional Conference of Russian and Uzbek Rectors was held in  Tashkent. From the MPEI side, Alexander Tarasov, Vice-Rector on International Relations, attended the event.

While preparing for the conference, Alexander Tarasov visited the Universities-partners of MPEI: Fergana Polytechnic Institute, Karshi Engineering-Economic Institute and Bukhara Engineering-Technological Institute. The MPEI Vice-Rector met Obidzhon Khamidov, Rector of BETI, and discussed with him the issues of cooperation between the Universities.


The topics of the 3rd Interregional Conference of Russian and Uzbek Rectors were:

  • the development of cooperation in science and education, including the training of highly qualified personnel demanded by employers,
  • the organization of advanced training and programs of additional professional education for scientists and pedagogues, as well as employees of enterprises in the real sector of the economy
  • cooperation between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation in the sector of scientific research and development.

MPEI gave a presentation on the creation of the continuous personnel training system of the Uzbek power industry based on the MPEI Branch.

By the results of the meetings, and joint program realization had been thoroughly discussed and agreements of collaboration were signed.

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