MPEI at International Electric Engineering Expo “Electro-2021”


From 7 until 10 June, 2021, MPEI took part in the 29th International Exposition "Electro-2021" dedicated to electric equipment, light engineering and automation of constructions and buildings. The Exposition Has been carried out annually by the Expo-center under the aegis of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 1972 and has been the largest exposition project in Russia and CIS States of the Electric Engineering industry.

In the framework of the Exposition, the departments and scientific centers of MPEI presented their innovations in devices and solutions in Electric Engineering, Electronics and Automation.

The Department of High Voltage Engineering and Electrophysics​ demonstrated a conductor with solid screened insulation of a generator voltage of 10 kV with a compensated external electromagnetic field for a rated current of up to 6000 A, which can be used for electrical connections at power plants, in three-phase alternating current circuits with a frequency of 50 and 60 Hz of turbine generators with a capacity of up to 1500 MW with power step-up transformers, auxiliary transformers, converter transformers and thyristor excitation transformers of generators. The generator voltage conductor can also be used for other energy facilities, industry, transport, and agriculture.

The Department of Industrial Electronics presented a semiconductor device for regulating the voltage of a transformer under load. The device is designed to regulate the output voltage of dry power transformers with off-circuit tap-changers at transformer substations of 6-10 / 0.4 kV class with a rated power of up to 1 MVA in manual or automatic mode and is a modern analogue of mechanical devices that provide voltage regulation on the Low Voltage side. The use of semiconductor valves provides the average speed of 10 ms, which is a significant advantage. Also, the device does not require disconnecting the transformer from the mains and the load during operation, as in traditional regulation using off-circuit tap-changers.

The Department of Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises demonstrated a HSAT terminal working sample. The microprocessor terminal for high-speed automatic transfer switch of the BE1002.032 series is a multi-element emergency control device for operation in the guaranteed power supply systems of the first and second categories of consumers.

The Department of Electrotechnical Complexes of Autonomous Objects presented a breakthrough technology for autonomous heat and electricity supply based on innovative steam turbine generators, and demonstrated high-speed turbine generators for autonomous power plants of low power and units with variable speed for the intelligent power system of Russia.

MPEI Center for Training and Retraining and Scientific and Educational Center "Ecology of Energy" offered visitors information about educational centers for training and retraining of our university in the fields concerned by the "ELECTRO" exhibition.

The MPEI exposition captivated the attention of the visitors as usual.

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