MPEI conducted international conference in Tajikistan


11 June, 2021, MPEI Branch in Dushanbe held a 4th annual international scientific-practical conference “Electric Power in Tajikistan. Problems of energy storage, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Tajikistan, 90th anniversary of MPEI and 100th jubilee of the electrification plan.

The foreword was spoken by Mr. Ivanov, head of the Russian cooperation office in Tajikistan, Mr. Abdulkerimov, Head of the Branch of MPEI in Tajikistan, Mr. Shevnin, CEO of the Sangtudine’s HPP and Mr.Abdulloev, the Ministry of Energy and Hydro Resources representative of Tajikistan.


At the conference, the scientific reports of the MPEI professors were presented. The event was attended by the lecturers and teachers from the institutions of the corresponding field, specialists in Hydro Power Engineering, senior students.
The results of the conference will contribute to a publication of scientific works.

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