MPEI successfully finalizes work with Resource centers in spring semester


The final course in Physics on “Magnetism” was carried out at MPEI in the framework of the practice program at distance learning for students of “Resource Centers of Russian Education abroad” in spring semester.


The final part of the course was conducted Electric Power Systems Department. The module was constructed in the following way: starting from the elementary material, the students kept the goal to solve an actual practical problem. During the “Magnetism” lessons, the learners were diving into the matters of combining electrical and magnetic phenomena and even counted up a real transformer!


This approach was esteemed not only by the students, but for teachers who attended the course as well. By its results the teachers came to a conclusion that the classes which have a real practical matter as the goal are taken by the learners easier, due to the palpability of the subject and the raise of motivation.


Thus, the work with Resource centers of Russian Education in spring semester 2021 was done. Every week from the beginning of February to the beginning of June, the practical courses in Physics were held, and every month the career meetings were conducted. The feedback received from teachers and learners proved itself as a good motivation for MPEI lecturers to carry on with the work. The lessons for students of Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Bulgaria, Moldova and Syria are to be restarted in September after the summer holidays.


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