Solemn handing of certificates to first Bachelor graduates supported by Shanghai Cooperation Organization University


24 June, 2021, in the Grand Ceremony Hall of MPEI main building the solemn handing of the University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO University) certificates to the first Bachelor graduates group who were studying at the mutual program within the support of North China Electric Power University in the fields of Thermal Power Engineering, Electric Power Engineering and Nuclear Power Engineering was given.
The certificates were given to the graduates by Alexander Tarasov, Vice-Rector on International Relations and Polina Cheremshanskaya, Deputy Head of the Institute of Electric Power Engineering. The meeting was also attended by Sergey Shirinskii, Head of International Administration, Alexander Ankin, Dean of the Foreign Office, Alexey Dedov, Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering Director, Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences.
The mutual program for Bachelors in Russian medium has been being realized since 2017 in the framework of the USCO with the financial support of Russian Federation and Chinese Republic.


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