Session of USCO Workgroup


7 June 2021, the Energy Workgroup of the University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization held the summer meeting in a remote format. It was attended by representatives of Novosibirsk State Technical University: Vice-rector Vadim Nekrasov, Associate professor Ilya Litvinov, Dean of the Power Engineering Faculty Alexei Beloglazov, Head of the Center for International Education Programs of the South Ural State University Tatyana Vasilyeva, MPEI Vice-rector Alexander Tarasov and MPEI Head of the International Administration Sergey Shirinskii.
At the meeting, officers of the basic Universities of USCO summarized the results of the graduation theses contest for students of USCO and confirmed the winner’s certificate template. The contest considered several winners distinguished by the levels of education: Bachelors and Masters, and academic fields: Thermal Power Engineering, Electric Power Engineering and Nuclear Power Engineering. Copies of the prepared certificates are to be available on the website of USCO Power Engineering field of study along with the annotations of the winners’ graduate theses.

As well, at the meeting the current issues of student enrollment through the USCO program and plans of organizing the joint summer school on "green energy" were worked out.​​

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