Students of IHRE pass work practice at Sukhumi HPP in Abkhazia


According to the curriculum, MPEI students of the third year of education pass their work practice training in the appropriate organizations. This year, in the framework of these events, 4 students of the Institute of Hydropower and Renewable Energy were recommended to work at the Sukhumi Hydro Power Plant (HPP) in the Republic of Abkhazia:

Bayramukov M. (Department of IHRE);
Mityurev V. (Department of IHRE);
Fedorov G. (Department of HHM);
Filatov A. (Department of HHM​).

Practice students with the Director of the Sukhumi HPP B. Zantaria and MPEI practice Head P. Shurkalov.

Sukhumi Hydro Power Plant is a small HPP that is situated on the West Humista river in Sukhumi district of Abkhazia. The installed capacity of HPP is 21 MW (3 hydro units by 7 MW each) and the design head of 215 metres. Constructively, Sukhumi HPP is a derivation station that works on transferring the part of the flow of East Humista in West Humista that is located parallelly but on the lower level.

Sukhumi HPP

Due to Sukhumi HPP being a private power plant, students have a unique opportunity to thoroughly examine the object. The work practice started on 21 June. The students could learn about the basic waterworks units of the HPP, main and supplementary equipment of the station, technical documents etc. and to collect materials for the goals set by the University.

Design Head of the HPP

achine Hall of Sukhumi HPP

The practice continues until 18 July and before it ends students will try themselves as maintenance officers that control the HPP work and will prepare the necessary studies.

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