Congratulations on MPEI Honorary Doctor Klaus Riedle’s anniversary


On August 12, 2021 MPEI Honorary Doctor Klaus Riedle celebrates his 80th anniversary,

Professor Klaus Riedle is a well-known scientist in the sphere of mechanical power engineering. He is one of the world leading specialists in the fields of gas turbine machinery for stationary power engineering.
Klaus Riedle was awarded with the “Global Energy” prize in 2005. It enabled him to start a foundation in Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg aiming at supporting gifted MPEI and students and Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg  postgraduates including funding academic exchange programs. Since then, MPEI students and employees have been doing internships in FAU and in Siemens enterprises in Germany, have been receiving grants from the Foundation in Russia, and they have an opportunity to pass the exchange program in MPEI. The Foundation’s work is carried out in close cooperation and with wide support of the Siemens organization. Further information about the Klaus Riedle Foundation can be found here: (

In 2015 Klaus Riedle was given the title of MPEI Honorary Doctor for his achievements. Professor Riedle was awarded the MPEI medal «For interaction and cooperation», as well as a Commemorative Gold Badge. In 2019, Professor was awarded an honour by the Russian President. The Foundation created by Professor Riedle has made an invaluable impact in developing a partnership in the domain of science and education in Russia and Germany.
MPEI sincerely congratulates Professor Klaus Riedle and wishes his health, prosperity, good fortune and inspiration in all his endeavors, well-being and expresses the gratitude for his long-standing work in education and international cooperation!  

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