Egypt Cooperation Development


20 July, 2021, MPEI was given a visit by the Delegation of Arab Republic of Egypt in Russia headed by the Embassy Attache, Doctor Mohamed Elsergani. The officials were met by Alexander Tarasov, Vice-Rector on International Relations, and Vladimir Tulskiy, Head of the Institute of Electric Power Engineering.

The event was dedicated to the discussion of questions for organization of the joint educational programs with the Egyptian Universities and carrying out a plenary session of the International Science and Technical Conference for students and postgraduates. The Conference is called “Radioelectronics, Electric and Power Engineering” and is held on the base of the Egyptian Universities. As well, the organization of the coordinated exposition of power industry equipment and the topic of the MPEI internship program for the Egyptian students were considered. The program called “Actual issues of Electric Power Engineering” is held in October and set by the initiative of Electric Power Engineering Systems Department.


The journalists of the edition “Electric Power. Transfer and Distribution” for specialists of the Electrical Network Complex were involved in the event as well.

MPEI has been actively cooperating with Egyptian Universities for more than half of a century and has prepared many qualified engineers for the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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