MPEI becomes founder of Russian-African Network University


20 August, 2021, the meeting of the Сonstituent Assembly of Russian-African Network University Consortium was held. MPEI delegated Alexander Tarasov, Vice-rector on International Relations and Sergey Shirinskii, Head of the International Administration, to the event.

By the results of the meeting, on the basis of 12 Russian Universities and Scientific Centers, the Russian-African Network University (RANU) was created. MPEI was among the main founders of RANU due to the rich experience of scientific and educational collaboration with the countries of the African continent.

The main goals of RANU are the production of the whole educational and scientific space, mechanisms for development of academic and student mobility, as well as the cooperation in the cross-culture dialogue and culture enrichment domains.
The strategic aim of RANU is to provide the capacities of the practice-oriented education on international level, which includes the development of digital platform, realization of the joint events guided by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education and in accordance with the main fields of RANU activity, which correspond with the necessities of the target ministries and enterprises of the Russian Federation and Africa.

The educational model of Russian-African Network University works like a single pool of courses and disciplines that are open for the members of the consortium. The education is carried out in Russian, English and French. These courses are the basis of the organization’s joint educational programs.

MPEI education has always been demanded on the African continent. Our university was among the first technical ones who started to prepare competent personnel in technical fields for Africa and produced numerous engineers from multiple African countries, who achieved some prominent results.

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