MPEI at Conference on Russian-Mexican cooperation "Flight to Future"


7 September 2021, MPEI took part in the international videoconference on Russian-Mexican Cooperation “Flight to Future”. The key topics of the event were the popularization and promotion of Russian as a foreign language in Mexico.

State and public figures, representatives of Russian universities, employees of the Roscosmos State Corporation, cosmonauts and journalists took part in the conference in personal and in remote format from the Russian side. The Mexican side was represented by the Heads of leading universities, the Mexican Space Agency, employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government departments in Mexico.

In the framework of the conference, the presentations of educational institutions of Russia and Mexico were given. The MPEI representative at the event was Irina Sazonova who spoke of the University achievements throughout its history and the partnership with Mexico. The meeting touched the prospects of the mutual educational, scientific and cultural exchanges and was crowned by expressions of hope for successful development of cooperation in the future.

The cooperation of MPEI with Mexican universities and organizations began in 1976, when the first students were accepted for education. MPEI has trained a large number of highly qualified personnel for different countries, among them Mexican graduates. MPEI collaborates with the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Mexican students have been involved in the MPEI student life, and annually take part in the “Interfestival” of foreign students.

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